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Our Vision

Our Vision

Many churches today have a 'vision'. This is usually a description of what they believe God has called them to do and be together as a community. As a church, we spent a number of months during 2010 and 2011 prayerfully seeking God's purposes for our congregation. We, however, don't like to think of our cision as a list of objectives that guides us. Instead, we see our vision as a 'lifestyle' or 'way of life'. After all, everything that God wants us to be and do can't be left on a church wall after the Sunday meetings end.It has to be woven into the very fabric of our lives - shaping our minds, words and living. Our 'way of life' is guided by six main points:

Worship - Fellowship - Care - Reaching the Lost

Growing Mature Disciples - A Life of Service


Our Values and Principles

Values are those things that are important to us! We internalize our values and they become the unseen motivators behind the things we do and how we live. Our values should reflect God's values. Then they should be used as principles that guide us in our decision making. We do not want to take decisions or pursue purposes that violate our values. We have narrowed down our values to four main things:

Our Spirituality - Our Relationships

Our Ministry - Our Leadership

Statement Of Faith

Our Statement of Faith

It's not like a credit card statement. It's more of a 'Here's what we believe about God'. Our statement of faith is a breakdown of what we believe. It lists all the core points of our faith and belief and explains what we believe about them and why. They are the basis of our faith and are the foundation of all that we do, say and live in our church. 

What we believe...



and Clear!


Our Approach to Finances

Every family has a budget; income and expenses. Church families are no different. We believe that God has entrusted us with finances, possessions, and other resources to meet our needs for life on earth, and also as blessings to enjoy the fruit of our labors. However, we also believe God wants us to be good stewards (managers) of our finances, possessions, and other resources; to use a portion of these things to grow His Church and reach others with the good news about Jesus. We also believe that to make Jesus Lord of our lives also means to allow Him to lead us to manage our wealth i

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