Holy Week 2021

Symbols of the Saviour

1 | Introduction

Welcome to Holy Week 2021 at Randfontein Baptist Church. Please view the video below to find out more about how we celebrate Holy Week and what this dedicated webpage is all about. 

2 | Palm Sunday (28.03.21)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11

Service Times: 08:30 - 09:30 | 10:00 - 11:00

Saviors Symbol: The Donkey

Palm Sunday is the official start to Holy Week and what is the start of Jesus' last week on earth. On this day, we see Jesus and His disciples arriving on the Mount of Olives. From there, Jesus sends two disciples ahead into the town ahead to fetch a donkey and her colt. He then proceeds to ride the colt into Jerusalem - fulfilling the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. As He entered the city, the crowds cut palm branches from nearby trees and laid them, and their garments, on the road before Him. As they did so, they shouted Hosanna to the Son of David and Blessed is the King! 

Palm Sunday ends with Jesus and His disciples leaving Jerusalem and returning to Bethany. 

Palm Sunday Service


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Palm Sunday Service 2020


3 | Holy Week

The week starting with Palm Sunday and running until Resurrection Sunday is called Holy Week or Passion Week. It records the last week that Jesus spent alive before his crucifixion and his resurrection.
The word Passion comes from the noun translation of the verb pascho which appears in Acts 1:3, where Jesus showed 'himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs'. The word passion means “to suffer,” so the Passion refers to Christ’s sufferings and death.
Passion Week is also traditionally known as Holy Week, Greater Week (in reference to God’s mighty acts during the week), or Paschal Week (with focus on the Resurrection). Passion Week is full of symbolism. Many of the prophecies of the Messiah in the Old Testament were all fulfilled by one person - Jesus Christ - in this week.
It is called Holy Week also because believers around the world take time to reflect upon their walk with God. It’s a time to change pace and our schedules and to free up time to spend with God. 

Each day of Holy Week this year, we will be releasing a special reading and teaching that focuses on that specific day in Holy Week. These readings will be released online at 7:00 AM SAST each day. We hope that you are blessed by learning about Christ's last week on earth and that you draw closer to Him as we remember His actions. 


4 | Monday

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:12-14 | Matthew 21:12-13

Notable Actions: Jesus curses the fig tree | Jesus clears the temple

Monday began after Jesus and His disciples returned to Jerusalem from Bethany. Along their journey into the city, it occurs that Jesus curses a fig tree. The group then continue into the city where they headed for the temple area. Upon arriving, Jesus started to clear the temple of all the money changers and merchants who were using the temple as a place to peddle their wares. He and the disciples then spend the majority of the day in the temple area. 

After their eventful day, the group returned to the house of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus in Bethany.

5 | Tuesday

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:20-26 | Matthew 23

Notable Actions: Jesus sees the dead fig tree | Jesus teaches and prophesies 

The morning of Tuesday, Jesus and His disciples were on their way back into Jerusalem when they came across the fig tree that Jesus had cursed the day before. When seeing the dead tree, Jesus uses the moment to teach the disciples a easson about faith in God and the power of prayer. 

Jesus then spends the rest of the day teaching the crowds in Jerusalem. It is today when Jesus speaks of three of the most well-known parables and when the religious leaders try and trap Jesus by asking Him about taxes and the afterlife. It is also the day that Jesus gives us the greatest commandment. Jesus then goes on to speak about the destruction of Jerusalem and prophecies relating to the end times. 

As the day draws to a close, the chief priests and elders met together to already plan a way to arrest Jesus. While this is happening, Jesus and His disciples once again return to Bethany to stay with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. 

6 | Wednesday

Scripture Reading: Matthew 26:3-5 | John 12:3

Notable Actions: Mary annoints Jesus, Priests Plot Jesus' arrest, Judas betrays Jesus for 30 coins

Wednesday is a busy day in Jesus' last week. The day begins with Jesus at the temple teaching the crowds of people that arrived early to learn from Him. He spent the day here teaching before going to the Mount of Olives at night to pray. During the day, while Jesus was teaching, the priests and religious leaders were having meetings of their own and were trying to figure out a plot to arrest and kill Jesus.


Wednesday is also the day where Mary anoints Jesus' feet with perfume and the day that Judas agrees to betray Jesus for the pitiful amount of 30 silver coins. The day ends with the religious leaders finalizing their plans of how to arrest Jesus.

7 | Thursday

Scripture Reading: Matthew 22:37-40 | Luke 22:15-23

Notable Actions: Washing of disciples feet, The last supper

As Holy Week draws to a close, Thursday brings around plenty of big activities in Jesus' last days. To begin the day, Jesus and His disciples did things differently than to any other day in Holy Week. Rather than waking early to go into Jerusalem, the group staying in Bethany until later in the day when Jesus sent His disciples to go to Jerusalem and make arrangements to celebrate the Passover. 

Eventually, we see Jesus join His disciples in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, even though it is a day early. During this celebration, plenty of momentous moments occur. To begin, we see the celebration of the last supper. We also see Jesus washing the disciples' feet, Jesus predicting the betrayal by Judas, Jesus handing down the new commandment, Jesus predicting Peter's denial, Jesus' prayer, and Jesus' eventual surrender to the will of His Father. 


8 | Good Friday

Scripture Reading: Matthew 26:47 - 27:56 

Notable Actions: Jesus' sacrifice for our sins

Good Friday is one of the most significant days in our Faith and is the day that Jesus was sacrificed so that we may all be saved and reconciled to the Father. The action starts with Judas confirming Jesus' prophecy and arriving with guards to arrest Jesus after He had finished praying. He was then taken before the Sanhedrin where many different instances of false testimony were brought against Him. Eventually, the decision that Jesus was to be put to death was finalized.


After this, the second prophecy that Jesus made on Thursday came true when Peter denied Jesus. However, while this was occurring, Jesus was being taking to Pilate to have a decision made on what will happen to Him. During this time, the same crowd who was praising Jesus on Palm Sunday called for His crucifixion. 

Pilate eventually sentenced Jesus to death and He was handed over to be crucified. We then see the soldiers mocking Jesus before He was hung on the cross and killed. We also see Jesus' last words to His father before He surrendered and joined the Lord in Heaven. 

After His death, all is silent until Sunday. 

Good Friday Service


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Good Friday Service 2020


8 | Resurrection Sunday

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28

Notable Actions: Jesus was resurrected

The Sunday following Jesus's crucifixion, we find Mary Magdalene and the other Mary going to the tomb. When they arrived, they found that the guards that had been watching the tomb were gone and that the stone was rolled away from the entrance to the tomb. In the tomb they met an angel that told them that Jesus had been resurrected and that they would not find him there in the tomb. 

As they left the tomb, they met Jesus, who told them to get the disciples to meet Him in Galilee. After travelling there, the disciples met Jesus and Jesus gave them the Great Commission. 

Resurrection Sunday Service


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Resurrection Sunday Service 2020

10 | Children's Booklets

Our children's ministry has developed a great resource for you to help your children understand and walk through Holy Week 2021. A revised version of The Easter Journey booklets launched last year, this years' Easter booklets will help you teach your children all about what Easter is and what Jesus did for us, while keeping them entertained with fun activities. 

Feel free to download, print, and distribute the below booklets. 

If you would like to collect pre-printed booklets from the church, please make arrangements by contacting the church on 084 223 5892.