Monday 13.04.2020

Good morning guys!! 🤗 What a weekend it has been! Hearing that the lock down is extended ❌ and there might not be school holidays 😨 because of the lock down. I cannot wait for youth to start again to see everyone! It is going to be great! 🤞🏽 But the greatest part of this weekend is knowing that our savior ✝️ died for us, and He rose again for us! Today before you start your quiet time, have a prayer of thanks giving for everything Jesus has done to save your life. 🙌🏽 🎶Worship to the song: It was the death to death – New Life Church🎵

Bible Reading ✔️Hebrews 1 ✅Hebrews 2

We are going to start reading Hebrews now, as it is a good follow on from the gospels with more in depth explanations of everything Jesus did for us.

Hebrews 1 In the beginning of Hebrews the author (Who is unknown) compares Jesus to messengers 🗣️ of the past. First to the prophets of old that were in the Old Testament, who were greatly honoured by the Hebrews, and to the Angels who also used to bring the word of God🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️.

The reason the Author is comparing them to Jesus is bring across the point that Jesus is greater > than all of them. Jesus is the only one described as the first born and as the son of God. Jesus sits on the throne at the right hand of God and rules and reigns

ng you may not know is that Jesus did not only exist in heaven after He left Earth, but He has been with God before the foundations 🌍 of the Earth were created. Jesus has always been with God as a king and He left His throne to become Human and die for us. Hebrews 2 ‼️Here the author warns his readers by telling them to pay special attention to the message of Jesus so that we do not drift away. Jesus has made this salvation so accessible to us that now we do not have any excuses why we cannot listen and obey. This is a warning.📛 ❓Have you paid special attention to what Jesus has done for us? ❔Have you paid special attention to your salvation? 🛑We need to stop and think of everything Jesus went through and all He has done for us. He is not a fictional character from a story book, 📚 but a real God who become human like you and I and suffered for us. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏾 When He came to Earth He was made lower than the Angels and he suffered at the hands 🤲🏽 of those He came to save. Jesus did this so that we could be called His brothers and sisters 🙇🏽 and so that we can be called sons and daughters👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 of the most high . We are adopted into His family. ❔Did you know you are now a son/daughter of God, and He loves you! Here’s a question: ❓Do you fear Death? 😵 Well you don’t need to! Jesus defeated the power of the fear of death when He came to earth. You see the reason we fear death if because we are scared of what will happen afterwards! But you do not need to fear that, because you are a child of God. When you die, you will be going to a glorious place, heaven. ⛲🌅 Closing prayer. 🙏🏽 Lord I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. Jesus you are the son of God and you rule and reign over everything, you are worthy of all the praise honour and glory. Help me to stay focused on my salvation so that I do not drift away from you. Thank you for conquering the power of the fear of death and making me your son/daughter. Amen🙏🏽

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