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Prayer & Fasting: The Prayers of Moses (Week 1, 2021)

Starting a time of prayer and fasting in 2021 is totally different to any other year. With the challenges of 2020 behind us, and the promise of 2021 ahead, it has never been more important to keep strong in the faith.

Due to the inability to meet together as we come closer to the Lord through prayer and fasting, we have developed this booklet that will help you, day by day, in your time of prayer and fasting.

Our Children's Ministry has also worked to develop a booklet for all children as we go through prayer and fasting. This booklet helps teach the children how to pray based off of the lessons learnt from Moses.

To download our 'Prayer and Fasting: The Prayers of Moses (Week 1, 2021) Booklet', click HERE.
To download our 'Prayer and Fasting: Moses Teaches Us to Pray (Week 1, 2021) CHILDREN EDITION' Booklet, click HERE.
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