Preaching Course

Creating sermons that truly reflect what the Lords Word says is not always easy. It is sometimes even harder to preach the Word of the Lord when you are staring into the eyes of your entire congregation.

For this reason, we have developed an 8 week course that covers everything to do with the topic of preaching. This is from choosing a text that is relevant, to how to stand, act, and speak when you are delivering your message.

We hope that these resources will help you in your ability to teach from the Word of God!

PLEASE NOTE: This course started out as an 8 week course. All the resources from the first 8 weeks are available below. We have, however, since then decided to expand on the course and add to it. These will be added as soon as possible so please continue to check back.

To view all our 'Preaching Course' resources, click HERE.
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