Thursday 02.04.2020

Good morning everyone!! 👊🏽

Today let us remember that rain is a blessing from God. 🌨️This means that God is blessing us abundantly! Today let us do a simple exercise before we start our devotional time. Let us sit and be quiet 🤐 in the presence of God as we listen to the rain coming down. Just as God has blessed us take some time to bless Him. 🙌🏼

🎵Today let us worship to the song Good Grace by Hillsong. 🎶

Bible reading for today

✅Philemon 1

☑️Psalm 7

Philemon 1

Philemon was a well known roman who met Paul on one of His missionary visits to Ephesus. (Paul wrote this letter while in prison🔗). In Philemon 1 vs 19 we see Philemon gets saved✝️ and becomes a Christian leader in one of the church plants.⛪ Philemon owned slaves and one of his slaves, Onesimus, wronged him in some way and there was a huge conflict between the two. Onesimus ran away 🏃🏽‍♂️ and went to Paul who was in prison and he received salvation.

Paul then wrote📝 to Philemon to try and resolve the conflict. He asked Philemon to welcome Onesimus back not just as a slave but as a brother in Christ. 🤝🏼 We are not told exactly what Onesimus did to Philemon but He is asked to forgive him. Forgiveness can be difficult even at the best of times. But forgiveness sets us free🕊️ from bitterness and anger and it allows us to love others more unconditionally as God loves us.

❓Are there people that you are struggling to forgive?

🙏🏼Take some time now to pray about it and ask God to help you to forgive them.

Psalm 7

❓_What is being taught here? What does it mean?_

❔_What are these scriptures telling me to do?_

❓_Is there a command for me?_

❔_Is there a promise for me?_

❓_How can I apply this to my life?_

Memory verse

Choose a memory verse and put it up as your status to encourage others during this lock down.

Close in prayer🙏🏼

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