Tuesday 21.04.2020

Hello everyone! 🙋🏾 Day 26 of the lockdown! Hope you guys are holding up! I know I feel like I am going crazy! 🥴Cannot wait for the lockdown to be finished. It is a good time to appreciate everything we have. Many people are unable to spend lockdown in a home with food. RBC has started handing out food parcels, if you know anyone who is in need of a food parcel please contact me. 🥖🍞 Today out of all the choices you have, choose to spend your time with God! Praise – Praise God (Spend time in praise and Worship and thanksgiving) Repent – Confess all your sins to God. Ask – Take your prayer requests to God. Yield – Ask God what his will is for your life, make a commitment to complete it. Bible reading ✅Hebrews 11 Watch the video about Hebrews 11 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlgXVihi_S8

What do you want to be said about you after you have left this Earth?🌐 You had many followers on Instagram, will those followers remember you? ♾️ 🔝Or will you be remembered for something significant you did? 🚷 To those in the Hebrew 11 hall of fame God said well done Good and faithful servant. What will God say to you about the life you lived on Earth? 🛐 📝You may write down a few things, reflect on these things that write down. Maybe there is some changes that you need to make to your life. ✏️ Closing prayer Lord thank you for this life that you given to me. Today please reveal to me the plans you have for my life. I want to make a significant difference for the kingdom. Help me to be like the many people in the Bible who had faith and stood up for what they believed. Let me be a light to the world. In Jesus Name Amen

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