Tuesday 31.03.2020

Hey guys!! Take to opportunity this week not just to sit and be board or play playstation and xbox or sit on the phone all day! Find a spot in your house or in your garden and just spend time in the presence of God who created everything that you see!

Make sure to bring your bible, your journal, pens and highlighter with you.

Open in Prayer

Have a time of worship – Listen to:

So Will I | Hillsong Worship

I will send the song through to you.

Bible reading for today

  • Titus 1-2

  • Psalm 4

Titus 1

Titus is another person that Paul was mentoring. Titus travelled with Paul and helped Paul with the many challenges in the church. Titus was sent to an Island just of the Greek coast Crete where he went to go and settle a few disputes in the churches there. Crete was an Island that had many people who were corrupt and evil as there was a lot of violence and sexual immorality on the Island.

Crete was a really good place for the gospel to spead because it had many harbours and many people coming and going. But unfortunately some of the leaders from Crete went and started to spread a false message to everyone. Pauls starts his letter by stating that God is not a liar. He does this because the people in Crete believed in Zeus who was said to come and seduce and deceive the people, but God is not like that, God is so much better and trust worthy. And this is Pauls instruction about Crete to Titus:

Titus was to elect leaders with specific qualities, write down what these qualities are:

Titus 2

Here instructions are given on how to do good. Paul had to give these instructions especially to those on the Isle of Crete because of their behaviour.

What lessons can we take on what it means to do good as guys and girls?

How does it apply to the way we conduct ourselves in the modern context?

Psalm 4

What is being taught here? What does it mean?

What are these scriptures telling me to do?

Is there a command for me?

Is there a promise for me?

How can I apply this to my life?

Memory verse

Choose a memory verse and put it up as your status to encourage others during this lock down.

Close in prayer

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