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Resource Library

We are blessed as a church to be able to enjoy many training resources that are developed by our core ministries. We also believe that these resources should not be hoarded; that they should be shared to train, equip, and inspire as many as possible. It is for this reason that we load all our resources here for you to download, free of charge. 

Resource Disclaimer

All resources on are free to download and use. All intellectual property remains the sole property of Randfontein Baptist Church and all downloads are subject to the below conditions:

- Any resources downloaded from may be reprinted and distributed to all who could benefit from them. However, no charge may be made for the redistribution of any resources except for the printing cost.

- No edits may be made to any resources downloaded from without prior written consent and approval from Randfontein Baptist Church.

- No copyrights may be removed from any of the resources downloaded from

If you have been inspired and built up by using any of our free resources, we ask that you feel free to donate to us to allow us to develop more resources for distribution.

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