Terms of Use

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Site Access: 'Site Access' refers to the ability of you as the end user being able to access any of our sites pages/folders/downloads. (The ability to type in rbapchurch.org and see our site)

Please remember that all site access is purely at our (R.B.C web team's) discretion. All activity on our site (including pages and files viewed as well as online form submissions) is monitored and linked to your devices IP address and we reserve the right to block your IP address access to our site if we feel that you are incorrectly using or accessing our site. In other words, please don't do anything you are not supposed to while on our site and you'll be allowed to continue using it.


Site Content: 'Site Content' refers any and all written or photographic imagery viewable on any page or download accessed from anywhere in the rbapchurch.org domain.

While we try out hardest to ensure that we do not offend anybody through any of the content that we upload, we cannot take liability for any offense taken through the use/access of our content. If you are truly offended by any of our content, please feel free to mail us on randfonteinbc@outlook.com and let us know (please specify exactly what content has offended you and on what page/in what download of/from our site it is found). Further than offensive content, we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss/corruption of data or any other outcomes of malicious coding found on our site or in our downloads. This said, please note that out sire is fully monitored by an up-to-date anti-virus and all of our downloads are regularly scanned. We can however, never ensure that the impossible won't happen and that there won't be a virus in some content. 

IP Addresses: 'IP Addresses' refers to your device's unique internet identification code which is recorded by our site databases when you visit our site or accept any download requests from any of our site pages.

As stated above under 'Site Access', by using our site you are agreeing that you are aware that your IP Address is being monitored by our site databases and is being recorded and also that any actions undertaken by your IP Address on our site are monitored and available to the R.B.C web team. Please note that should your device use a masked or hidden IP Address to access our site, your access will automatically be blocked and we will be notified.

External Links: 'External Links' refers to any link that directs you away from our domain or takes you to any page that is not part of the rbapchurch.org name servers.

We cannot hold liability for anything that happens if you click on any external link and direct yourself away from our name servers. We do not run those sites and therefor cannot answer to anything that you encounter on them.

Site Downloads: 'Site Downloads' refers to any and all files that you save off of our sites' domain or sub-domain to your local device.

While we scan all of the downloads that we make available through our site with an updated anti-virus, we can never ensure that all downloads will be 100% virus free. We reserve the right to remove any downloads from the site at any time and at our own discretion. We also reserve the right to any download dependant on your IP address. Downloads are including but not limited to the following file types: .DOC .DOCX .XLS .XLSX .PDF .HTML .MP3 .MP4 .FLV

Final Disclaimer: 'Disclaimer' refers to our final policies regarding the site/sites viewable through our domain, sub-domain and name servers.

And now for the last of all the 'legal stuff'. Please remember that while we allow anyone to visit and interact with our site, at the end of the day, any content on rbapchurch.org name servers remains the strict property of the Randfontein Baptist Church. We reserve the right to deny anyone access to our site or to any of its content.

On another note, we hope that you have an enjoyable time using our site and are blessed by the content loaded on it. If you do experience any problems with the site or if you have any comments, complaints or suggestions, please contact us on randfonteinbc@outlook.com.

The below terms of use identify the basic agreement between you (the user) and us (Randfontein Baptist Church) that is in force whenever you access our church website (www.rbapchurch.org) or any content from within our domain. 

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