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life group

connect to a



meet with each other and encounter new people in the Kingdom


connect with people with shared interests and form new relationships.


share life together by spending time in fellowship and building strong relationships rooted in Christ

Connecting to a life group is a simple process. Simply choose one of the groups from the list below and get in touch with the leader of the life group. Alternatively, fill in the form below with your details and we'll get in touch with you to connect you to a life group.


life group

Do you have a heart for praising and worshipping the Lord? This life group is filled with singers, psalmists, and musicians that love singing to God!



life group

If you love serving children and want to be a part of raising the next generation of disciples, this life group is where you should be. With a love of kids and each other, this team makes anyone feel at home.


life group

Youth ministry is a dynamic and exciting ministry filled with people who may or may not be a little crazy. If you love youth, this life group is for you!


life group

From video games and movies to websites and the latest AI tech-talk, the media/tech life group is all about the latest technology.

Join us if you're also a techno-freak and love speaking 1s and 0s.


life group

Making people feel welcome at church is a feeling like none other. And so, people who love welcoming others love getting together in this life group to share their welcoming spirit together.

bible study

life group

Want to delve deep into the Word of God, reflect on Sunday's message, or share what God is saying to you? This life group is the place to be to do Biblical studies with likeminded people. 


life group

Good coffee, great food, and a smile that cannot be beat is what the hospitality life group is all about. Here, you can experience life with a really sweet taste!


life group

Life groups aren't about being put in a box. They're about finding those you connect with and sharing life together. That's why we are always looking for new life groups to grow. 

Upcoming life group connect dates: 29 March 2023

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