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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. - Psalm 150:6


seeing people experience God

Our worship tribe, in the power of the Holy Spirit, welcomes the presence of God and leads the church to encounter His very presence as we adore and glorify Him in our time of praise and worship. 

gifts for service

Each person in God's Kingdom is called to use their gift to glorify and honor Him. As a worship tribe, we strive to give our very best in service to the Lord. From practicing new songs to refining our skills on musical instruments without holding anything back. 

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We're all about praising the Lord and helping others experience Jesus!

Praise and worship is an integral part of anybody's relationship with the Lord. As a worship tribe, we know firsthand how worship can either distract or encourage people as they meet with the Holy Spirit. That's why our heart's desire is to lead people where they worship with no distractions, to encounter the One true living God who deserves all our praise and honour.

Worship tribe practice takes place every Tuesday from 18:00 until 19:30.

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