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We love visitors and are overjoyed when we get to welcome new faces to our church! However, you may not be sure exactly what to expect when you pay us a visit. And finding out 'in action' may not be what you're looking for. Thankfully, we'll tell you exactly what to expect when you pay us a visit.

two services

While the outline below will tell you what to expect when you pop in, please bear in mind that we have two different services. So, things may happen slightly differently to how we have them laid out below depending on which service you attend and what is happening on the day (e.g. baptism).

Our Sunday Services

Arrive at church

We encourage all visitors to arrive 10 minutes before the service begins. If you are joining our 08:30 service, we invite you to arrive at around 08:00 to enjoy some tea and coffee with us. If you are joining our 10:00 service, please plan to arrive at around 09:50.

If you have younger children, please note that our Children's Church runs concurrently with our first service. Therefore, please ensure you arrive slightly earlier in order to check them in at Children's Church before our main service starts. 

Meet our friendly ushers

Upon your arrival, you'll meet our friendly ushers. They will give you a warm welcome to our church and help you with anything you need. This includes finding a seat, the bathroom, or even answering questions about our church.

Church opening and Praise and Worship (10 - 15 minutes)

We strongly believe in worshipping the Lord with our songs. Therefore, to start the service, our praise and worship team will lead us in 2 - 3 songs. All songs are specially selected for their theological message and are kept 'current' with new music. If you don't feel like singing along, there is no pressure to do so. You are welcome to worship the Lord as you are comfortable.

Brief offering message (+- 2 minutes)

After praise and worship, a church leader will share a brief offering message. This will relate to a specific theme on giving that we may be looking at as a church. The offering will then be taken up as the worship team leads us in a song. 

As a visitor, you are free to give anything that you are comfortable giving. Anything you choose to give is between you and the Lord and we will never pressure you to try and get your money from you. 

Announcements (+- 1 minute)

As we prepare for the Word, you'll be able to to watch a short video on our projector of any upcoming events or special announcements. This is the best time to see what's happening in the church, find out if there's an upcoming event you'd like to attend, or see if there is any place you can volunteer to help out at. 

A Biblical message (+- 25 minutes)

After announcements, we will share a Biblically based message that aims to teach God's Word, challenge our thinking, inspire our spirits, and leave us with something tangible as we go into the week. All sermons are accompanied by slides on our main projector to assist you if you'd like to take notes on the message. In addition, if you'd like to listen to the message again, all our Sunday sermons are loaded on our church website soon after Sunday and can even be streamed on podcast providers like Spotify and Apple Music.

Fellowship and refreshments

After the message, our worship team will close with a single song and we will have a closing benediction. Then it's time for some refreshments and fellowship! For the first service, this takes place before the service between 08:00 and 08:20. For the second service, it takes place between 11:00 and 12:00.

If you are new to our church, feel free to grab a visitors pack and enjoy a delicious cappuccino served with a smile. While enjoying your drink, get to know the many wonderful people that make up our church family. 

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