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2023 sermons


26.03.2023 | More Than Money

Want to know what's more important than money? This week as we close off our month on stewardship, we look at the things more important than money and realise that money isn't the main thing to focus on.


19.03.2023 | How to Handle Money Like A Boss

Knowing what money is and how it works isn't enough. This morning, we look at Biblical advice that will allow you to manage your money like a boss!


12.03.2023 | Biblical Financial Management: Part 2

This week we continue looking at Biblical Financial Management and how to ensure that your walk with the Lord remains strong while you create wealth.


05.03.2023 | Biblical Financial Management

Before our upcoming workshop on Biblical Financial Management we look at some areas that we need to pay attention to in regard to our finances. We also find out more about the workshop and how Biblical management of our finances should be something we are all trying to achieve.


26.02.2023 | Re-Discover: Part 4

This week we end off our sermon series looking at how to re-discover our calling and gifting. Importantly, we look at the spiritual gift of Mercy and why it is so essential to our Christian lives.


19.02.2023 | Re-Discover: Part 3

Continuing with our sermon series on how to re-discover your calling and spiritual gifts, we look at a staggering 38 different spiritual gifts that can be found in the Bible.


12.02.2023 | Re-Discover: Part 2

As we continue our sermon series looking at re-discovering our spiritual gifts and calling, we look at the life of Timothy and how he was called to be bold, even when facing those older and in more authoritative positions than himself.


05.02.2023 | Re-Discover: Part 1

Launching into the new year with a new sermon we look at rediscovering who we are in terms of our spiritual gifts and calling.


01.01.2023 | Making Time Count

Kick off the new year with RBC as we look at how important making our time count is. This sermon deals with everything to do with how we manage our time and things we should look out for in the new year.

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